Who's broken your rod?

Discussion in 'Toad Tales' started by dwooten77, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. dwooten77

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    So I come home from work today to find that my mother has paid an unexpected visit from out of town. I walk down to the river to find her fishing a storm minnow on my swimbait rod. And when I say swimbait rod I mean 8' mag heavy up to 6oz. Fishing is my luxury in life, if I'm not working I'm either fishing or spending time with my son. She said she caught a big fish and it broke. There's not a fish over 3 lbs in that river, trust me I know. The majority of this forum knows that there are no good swimbait rods under 200.00. My question to you guys is, who in your life has blessed you with their presence as they have in mine? A damn storm minnow on a swimbait rod...
  2. mark41

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    Hey Dustin,

    That's a funny story, did you tell your Mom that you didn't believe her? Oh boy.

    Anyway, I'm lucky to have yet break a rod but I recently came close to losing a rod (Dobyn's Champion) and reel (Shimano Saros) in a lake when I snagged it while making a cast with another rod. Luckily, as my rod flew over my head and landed very near the transom, the line got caught on my trolling motor prop, so the tip of the rod was sticking a few inches above the water. Blah, I would have been so pissed if that setup sank to the bottom, it's my most expensive rig.

    Looks like you need to pay an unexpected visit to Mom's and "Discover" something broken, haha, just kidding.
  3. dwooten77

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    Hahaha! It's so funny how things can go so wrong so quick when fishing. Everything can go wrong in the blink of an eye. That's a great story. Years ago I tried to set the hook and lunched a biffle head into my buddy's wife. We now say that I biffed his wife. But hey, even though bad things happen they make for great stories. I should start a thread on things gone wrong while fishing. And have mike Rowe as narrator.
  4. Rickman

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    I was bank fishing last spring in a place with very limited access (Army base) with a stretch of riprap that is very overgrown but has a dozen or so narrow paths cleared to get down to the water. The place is a back bay off of the Chesapeake in the northern reaches and has tidal effects. At low tide you can get down far enough to have clear left and right access for casing along the riprap but at mid to high tide, casting is fairly limited left and right due to the overgrowth (no wading allowed on the side of the road I fish). It was on one of these days that I had my "event". I had my extra rods laying on the edge of the path and thought they were out of the way but turns out, not quite enough. On a back cast I caught the end of one of my rods ( a MB Orochi XX Flat Side spinner). Anyway, snatched it off the ground and snapped it between the 2nd and 3rd eye. Made me sick enough I left and went back home.
  5. bumper02

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    My step dad and I fish together in a couple local clubs. Our first boat was a Lund Explorer SS. After a couple years in that ship, we decided to upgrade to a Skeeter ZX225. First tourney in the new boat, I am fishing on front deck, and hook into a nice fish. Tourny had just started and was my first cast. Net was still stashed in the starboard rod locker, underneath 3 of my other rods. Step dad went to get the net, and dunked my 3 rods over the side. Got the fish, but lost 300 bucks in tackle. Took some getting used to not having the freeboard like the Lund had.

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