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Discussion in 'Tips & Techniques' started by tackle maniac, Jun 16, 2017.

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    So yesterday, June 14, I went out on Jourdan River. Jourdan and Pearl are two tidal rivers I fish a lot that are closest to home. All the locals know when you have a falling tide, you fish the mouths of any bayous, creeks, drains, etc. Well yesterday afternoon we had a falling tide. So I tied on a 3/8 oz texas rig worm and started fishing the mouths of these bayous where they dump into the main river. I wasn't catching much til about 5:00, I pulled up to a mouth where I have caught em before and I just knew there were a few fish there. Here is where the product review comes in. I had been throwing a 7.5 inch Culprit in Fire & Ice and had a few bites but couldn't land anything. Time for a change to a Gooseberry Zoom Mag II worm. Nothing. So I dug deep in my worm bag and found an old pack of 8 inch Lake Fork Worms in the Blue Bruiser color. First cast caught a 3 pounder, and proceeded to catch 6 more bass of that spot. So obviously there is something special about these worms. Personally, I think it is the impregnated garlic scent. Who knew bass liked Italian food! So get you some Lake Fork Worms in your favorite color, I know I will be getting some more around 4th of July;)

    Lake Fork Worm

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    If I'm not mistaken, culprit worms have garlic scent as well. I exclusively fish red shad 7.5 and 10 inch culprit worms with great results in the summer. Now that lake fork worm has ribs which may have been the deal on getting those fish to bite. I believe those ribs put out bubbles on the fall
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    One river I fish has a ton of cypress trees and wood cover along the bank, and I like to pitch a 6" or 7" Culprit Fat Max worm. The water is usually muddy, so red shad is usually my go to color as well. I feel like everyone else is flipping and pitching creatures, craws, and jigs. So I think I get a few more bites by showing them that fat worm. That Fat Max worm and the V&M Wild Thang are the best worms I've found for fishing muddy water.

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