New Product Review: Ima Suspending Vibration

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    Let me just start by saying if any of you love fishing lipless cranks over shallow vegetation, like me, then you must buy this one. This thing is awesome. I caught about 15 bass on it today (Sept. 6). I was fishing it almost like a jerkbait, but with upward jerks instead of downward. Two quick upward jerks and then pause on slack line and it will slowly sink. Once I think it's getting close to the grass, then jerk it again. The bass today were killing it right after the first or sometimes the second jerk. It sinks similarly to a shadow rap but it's a lipless! Pretty cool lure! I considered not doing this review because I would like to keep it a secret, but I figured very few people reading this are fishing the same waters as me. So what the hell, have at it! But next time I need to order some more, they better not be sold out!

    Ima Suspending Vibration
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